NetPulse - About us

NETPULSE SOLUTIONS - Our story: Setup in the year 2003, it followed a small group of people that had worked for the largest national Communications company for over 20 years. With the Internet developing at a very fast rate the time was right to setup an IT company to service people with IT problems as demand grew. Based on the north part of the M25 near Barnet we can ideally offer an On-Site Service for most Computer related issues. With a small studio outside london and a small local group we are able to keep costs low and support a personal On-Site Service to meet customer needs. Having also worked within the Data Protection Act and under the Confidential Information Act we are very aware of the need to protect and guard customers data and integrity on personal or office computers.

Our Big Company Experience working with PCs showed us that they are vulnerable to clutter, and slowing down after constant use. Regular cleaning and Updates are important to keep any PC performing effectively as well as protecting your data on the Internet. Having seen many computers and laptops accessing Online Banking without strict security or with viruses or Hijacks exploting loopholes it is imperative that these are removed and the PC cleaned and secured correctly to stop your Personal Data being hacked or compromised

We get to buy in many 2nd User PCs and Laptops from clients who are upgrading. These we check, cleanup and resell at a considerable saving to customers. Here again all our work and items are Guaranteed by a 6 Month Warranty. Onsite Work is also guaranteed and any issues are resolved within 14 Days without charge.

Our Website Packages and templates are based on knowledge of the Internet and peoples expectations of a Web based presence. Our philosopy is to keep the Website simple from the start and build up as your presence on the web grows